Harmful Lies Your St. Louis Real Estate Agent May Be Telling You!

No, the title of this article is hardly a mistake, and even St. Louis real estate agents have a tendency to stretch the truth a bit. Of course, this article won’t apply to all agents in the area, but it’s important to arm yourself with information when you’re hunting for an agent. The following lies that we’ve compiled below aren’t just common in the real estate industry, but they can also prove to be harmful when and if you look to sell your home!

Lie #1: You Can Price Your Home However You Want

Regardless of what any agent tells you, know that pricing your home in any market is an exact science. You may be surprised by the sheer number of sellers who overprice their properties simply because their agent has allowed them to. An honest real estate agent will show you neighborhood comps and give you a price range of sold homes to give you an idea as to what a reasonable asking price is. My agent, Heather Tibbetts, gave me a realistic price which helped me sell my house extremely quickly. This alleviates the headache of worrying for a long time if your house is going to sell. 

Lie #2: The Agent Has Sold More Properties Than Anyone Else

Many agents try to cut into the saturated industry of real estate by trying to outshine local competitors. Of course, to look like the best bet on the block, they will often make their successes seem better than they are. A new agent may lie and claim to have sold dozens of homes within a year when the reality is that he or she has sold two. Fortunately, this little lie can be fact checked by using the Internet.

Lie #3: The Agent Is The Only One Using The Internet In Your Area

Shocking though true, many agents steps up the lies by claiming that they are the only ones properly utilizing the Internet. This is never true, regardless of how sparsely populated your area is! No agent is going to spend money getting licensed and insured if they don’t have a game plan for selling homes.

Lie #4: The Agent Claims An Open House Will Sell Your Home

Open houses are still the most hotly debated topic of the real estate industry. Some agents will ultimately swear by these events, but the reality is that they rarely are as successful as they’re made out to be. Many St. Louis real estate agents will tell prospective clients that they can help sell their home quicker than anyone else through an open house. Facts and figures don’t lie, and the fact remains that only approximately 5% of homes actually generate interest or are sold at an actual open house.

Are you tired of being constantly lied to by professionals you should be able to trust? Just like doctors, contractors, and even your lawyer, real estate agents have the uncanny ability to sometimes stretch the truth. It’s important to know when an agent is lying and when you need to keep on searching for the right representation as your current choice is less than honest.

How To Acquire Real Estate With No Money Down

Did you know that it is actually possible to get real estate for no money down? In most cases, you will have to place a down payment on any property that you purchase which could be tens of thousands of dollars. This may be required of the seller to show your good faith in wanting to buy their property, and it’s also a good way of minimizing the amount that you will pay per month by lowering the principal amount of the loan. It is actually possible to do this with individuals that are selling their houses that are willing to carry the note for you, which is the focus of this article. I would recommend doing this in St. Louis, as well. They have very understanding companies in the St louis Mortgages market.

Finding FSBO Deals

You can find deals that are being offered by for sale by owner sellers that are willing to carry a note. In the same way that you would apply for a mortgage at a bank, and make a monthly payment, this is exactly what you will do with an owner that is willing to carry where you will simply send them a monthly payment. After you have looked at many different properties, only a few will be willing to consider this. They will want to do a credit check on you just to make sure that you are a viable buyer, one that has good credit, before they will decide that carrying the note is a good decision to make.

Getting The Lowest Monthly Payment

If you want the seller to offer you the lowest possible payment, there are a couple of things that you can do to motivate them to lower the monthly amount that you will pay. First of all, if you do have any cash, you can put a small down payment which will reduce the amount that you actually owe them over the course of this loan that you will be paying on to them. However, for a no money down deal, you can usually negotiate if you are able to do a lease to own option with the seller. These often do not require any money down, something that is dependent upon what the seller would like to do. If they trust you, and if you have good credit, this should not be a problem at all. No money down deals are usually based upon trust, allowing you to acquire properties very quickly without needing to have a substantial amount of capital to work with as you would with those that would require a down payment of any kind.

Real estate does not have to be a confusing way to make money. You can purchase fixer uppers and flip them every couple of months. However, if you would simply like to own your own home and you don’t have a lot of money to work with, you can get no money down real estate by simply being diligent in talking with as many sellers as possible, one of which will allow you to get great monthly payments with no money down on the property that they are selling.

Real Estate Investments

There are many fantastic offers on housing obtainable these days, although not all of them include easy transactions. Actually, some are very complex, that is exactly where a skilled real estate law firm arrives in. Many people don’t know their rights when coping with house transactions, that is why regardless of what your ideas are, you are able to most likely utilize the assist of someone that has many years of expertise within this area. Discover out what a real estate law firm can do for you personally.


Not each and every house sale or buy is easy, and when coping with a big quantity of money, it’s essential to understand every thing feasible concerning the transaction prior to it’s finished. Whether or not you’re purchasing or promoting a home or condominium, and whether or not it will likely be your main residence or an investment, you may most likely use a great lawyer in your aspect. An attorney will allow you to understand what to anticipate through the buying or promoting procedure, and may make sure that all of the paperwork you’ll need is in promptly.In the event you currently personal a house but wish to refinance the home loan, you most likely have concerns.

A real estate law firm can most likely assist you to get your queries answered to ensure that you’ve every thing you’ll need whenever you method your loan company to get a decrease rate of interest. This could make certain that you simply don’t waste your time, and that you simply get the lowest charge that you simply are entitled to. Many people who personal investment houses encounter difficulty with their renters. For example, it would be a big investment to hire a St Louis furnace repair company compared to hiring home in Georgia. Whether or not they don’t spend promptly or whatsoever, it might be essential to obtain a expert involved with the make any difference. A trustworthy real estate law firm will help you get your money.


When you have not however had any issues but wish to make certain you’re coated sooner or later, an attorney will help you draw up a agreement to guard you as well as your house. Your lawyer ought to also have the ability to allow you to understand what your choices are ought to your renter not cooperate using the arrangement. Purchasing and promoting house entails lots of money altering fingers, which suggests there might be event to become taken benefit of. If you would like to safeguard your house as well as your finances, you might require expert help. By doing this, you may make certain that you simply are heading about your property transactions the proper way, each and every time.

Best Places to Buy North Georgia Real Estate

The real estate market is starting to make a comeback. Prices are still low, as are mortgage rates, but activity is expected to start picking up again. That means that you can still buy homes at a bargain, but you can expect to see values appreciate as demand picks up, creating the potential for significant profits.North Georgia real estate is an especially hot market. The area is a hot spot for tourists and has a thriving rental market.


Prices are also at an all-time low, making it a great time to buy before values begin to soar. Here are just a few of the best places to buy North Georgia real estate:

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge is one of the biggest tourist hot spots in all of Georgia. It has a number of attractions, including the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, the Appalachian Trail, Lake Blue Ridge, the Toccoa River, and more. There are numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, water spots, or just enjoying beautiful scenery. All of these attractions make it a great place to visit and to live — also making it a great place to buy real estate.


The University of Georgia calls Athens home, and all the demand from all these college students and professors makes this another hot real estate market. The city also has a long history, including many significant landmarks from the Civil War era. It is also known as the birthplace of a majority of indie music, including famous rock band R.E.M



You don’t have to go all the way to Europe to see a gorgeous city with a rich historical tradition. Rome, Georgia is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, giving it beautiful views and a strong tourist base. The area also has a long Native American history, and there are many significant landmarks. Like other cities in the area, it also has many Civil War era landmarks.North Georgia is full of many cities that have beautiful scenery, historical landmarks, and notable attractions, making them hot spots for tourists and families looking to settle down in the area. All of these traits make them great places to invest in real estate. If you are looking to invest in real estate, consider what the cities and towns of North Georgia have to offer.

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Real Estate Law – The Fundamentals

Actual estate law is multi-categorized and it is governed by a great deal of various aspects. “Real” refers to actual house. This really is land and also the issues which are completely a component from the region, that’s, what’s connected.This goes for something “underneath” also, so if any crude oil or all-natural gasoline is buried beneath, the land proprietor has initial rights towards the resource.With house ownership, or even the prospect of possessing, there arrive dangers.


The majority of this really is liability, liability towards the state and those that border the house. For example, when buying a great deal inside the town, you will find zoning restrictions.A town might designate a particular dimension framework around the land, and when the proprietor chose to assemble a four-story goliath mansion house, another proprietors of single flooring rancher-style homes on that block may not be so happy, exactly the same goes using the town.There’s a fantastic offer of ownership liability that goes to third-parties also, this kind of as land proprietors having to pay home loan on the home to a loan company. This really is most likely the most typical liability that’s recognized. In the event the proprietor doesn’t spend, then they default around the mortgage and also the loan company, this kind of as being a financial institution can declare the house as payment.

State Law

House laws trace its background back again towards the monarchs who ruled a lot from the continent of Europe. This was introduced to The united states and from there has developed an excellent offer. Actual estate law, like most all law kind, continues to be continuously evolving today as new instances are introduced to courts.Simply because occasions are sometimes relating to geography and nearby cultures and law, there are plenty of areas of real estate law that replicate this and therefore are divided up by states.For example, in the event you had been getting a land dispute having a neighbor and also you owned a tract of land close to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho you’d ideally wish to seek advice from with Coeur d’Alene actual estate attorneys — even when you retain a lawyer in Pittsburgh or another town exactly where you make your residence — to understand what’s totally concerned concerning that particular city’s statutes.


A Coeur d’Alene actual estate lawyer can advise you around the specifics with Idaho’s actual house laws and may provide you with a heads up on what your rights are as being a land proprietor pertaining to that tract of land you personal and also the dwelling that reside inside.Employing a actual estate attorney’s group, regardless of exactly where you intend to purchase land, would lend you bit of thoughts along with a defense or litigations counsel if that dispute using the neighbor ends up in court.